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With most businesses now being fully digitalized, having a secure environment is vital. We guarantee substantial, proprietary and interoperable solutions that will ensure you are constantly being protected in a fast-moving world of sophisticated threats.

Polymorpho was founded by Cybersecurity experts

equipped with substantial experience in building powerful, advanced and innovative Cybersecurity & Intelligence solutions available to Private Sector & licensed Government Intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies to prevent and investigate cybercrime.


Expertise and know-how to meet the diverse cyber security needs of each organization.
Defensive security

Every organization's most valuable digital assets and systems are threatened by potential attacks. Our experts chose and implement the right set of security measures and protocols to safeguard your ecosystem. Our approach places a strong emphasis on security layers to cover all aspects of a successful threat response strategy.

Executive suite securityIncident responseDigital forensicsCloud security enhancementVulnerability disclosure program
Offensive security

To be able to protect oneself effectively, one must act and think like an attacker. Get sensible insights, mitigate risks and minimize vulnerabilities in your systems before they can be exploited. Our proactive approach to offensive security will secure your systems from ever changing threats.

Red TeamingPenetration testing and ethical hackingAttack surface analysisBug bountyBusiness email compromise simulation
Cyber intelligence

With the use of open-source intelligence (OSINT) and threat intelligence, we collect and analyze sensible data. These insights will provide a situational awareness for us to make an actionable plan to fit your security needs. By adopting a proactive Intelligence based approach, you will mitigate cyber threats and minimize the risks.

Social media investigationDark web monitoringM&A cyber due diligence

Polymorpho's areas of expertise

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies have several challenges that leave them vulnerable to the attacks of cyber criminals. Our solutions are designed to strengthen the organizations' security and provide the resources needed to conduct thorough investigations and due diligence.

Retail & e-commerce

Companies in this sector need assistance in removing all obstacles to e-commerce and protecting the most sensitive systems and consumer information. Our solutions help them avoid ransomware and phishing attacks, fraud attempts and data breaches while adhering to regulatory compliance requirements.

Insurance Sector

Because of the growing attack surfaces and the amount of sensitive data insurance companies manage; they are a primary target of cybercriminals. Our solutions help these organizations protect their systems but also conduct necessary investigations before selling insurance plans to avoid fraud and financial loss.


In the extremely competitive contemporary manufacturing sector, sketchy entities will attempt to disturb the business processes and operations. Our solutions help in fighting against data breaches and ransomware attacks threatening the manufacturing organizations' reputation, production and overall activity.

Financial Services

Financial services organizations handle customer accounts, execute transactions and deliver other critical services through complex IT systems. Our solutions secure these systems, to prevent serious interruptions to company operations and noncompliance with legal requirements.


Cyberattacks on healthcare systems can directly impact the security of patients. Disruption of crucial healthcare services, medical record tampering, or illegal access to medical devices can endanger patients. Cyber resilience measures are necessary to ensure patient safety and protect the private data of healthcare entities.


Since telecommunications companies handle vast volumes of private and secret data, they are very appealing targets for many kinds of attacks. Our solutions secure the systems managing the sensitive data, to prevent the leak of clients' personal information and identity.

Person of interest

People that are qualified high-profile individuals are the primary targets of cyber-attacks. Celebrities, journalists, lawyers, politicians, professional athletes, renowned CEOs and people in the public eye require strong security and privacy protection.


Innovative solutions tackling every aspect of your security needs.

A platform connecting companies of all sizes with a global network of expert cybersecurity researchers to help them discover and fix vulnerabilities on their digital solutions and assets.


A comprehensive breach monitoring and phishing simulation platform for individuals, companies and private organizations.


Unique Web intelligence platform scanning through millions of pictures and data to help public agencies, government organizations and private entities to get excellent investigation leads.


We make sense of the vast amounts of data present from the multiple sources using AI and transform this intelligence into action.


Vulnerability Disclosure platform with High Payouts for Ethical Security Researchers.


Platform offering DDoS testing, mitigation, hardening, training, and advice tailored to each enterprise.


Innovative interception and monitoring solution for operational and tactical cyber intelligence.

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Substantial experience

Get the expertise of pioneers and renowned experts in the cyber security industry.

Proprietary technology

Exclusive solutions developed by our experts in cybersecurity and cyber intelligence.


Cybersecurity products and services that integrate seamlessly with your systems to protect your digital frontier.

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